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Network threats are on the increase, are your customers ready?

79% of websites with malicious code are legitimate sites that have been compromised!*

Coupled with the increase in the use of multi-access devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, there are many opportunities for a business’s corporate network to be compromised resulting in business downtime and potential loss of money.

Unified Threat Management appliances, such as ZyXEL’s USG’s, monitor the network for a variety of threats.

With the new enhanced Content Filter service the ZyXEL USG’s offer all your customers will need for the ultimate network protection.

Content Filter Solutions for Today’s Business

There are increasing network threats coming from internal sources because employees can unknowingly surf websites that contain malicious software like Trojan horses, spywares or worms that could infect the corporate network.

Finding ways to prevent internal users from surfing dangerous websites is therefore an important issue for businesses.

Content Filter services can be used to screen and exclude access to web pages that are deemed objectionable or not business related or that can be seen to have malicious software embeded.

A good Content Filter solution can help business:

Improve employee productivity
Preserve network bandwidth
Minimise liability exposure
Comply with Government Regulations

Awareness and Response Accuracy and Relevance
ZyXEL’s USG Content Filter provides over 6 billion ratings per day for over 70 million users located in the largest enterprise and service provider networks around the world
ZyXEL’s USG Content Filter is 100% user driven for Web content rating inputs from a broad and diverse user community, without the need for Web crawlers or artificial analysis
Effectiveness and Security Reporting and Visibility
With Blue Coat WebPulse technology, the USG Content Filter provides Web 2.0 protection and content ratings with cloud awareness from a global user community Extend USG Content Filter with Vantage Report to provide visibility and governance verification of web filtering policies

Awareness and Response

WebPulse has eight operation centers to support cloud defense analysis of over 1 billion Web requests per week

New Web content or links detected by Web gateways or remote clients are sent in real-time to the WebPulse cloud for DLA inspection where updates to the master Blue Coat WebFilter database provide immediate protection

Blocks malware, Web threats, fake software updates, fake AV offers, phishing offers

Blocks only Web threats using DLA inspection, allowing users access to popular Websites and avoiding over blocking

Provides Web 2.0 filtering for mashed up web portals, blocking panels and dynamic content per policy settings

Provides coverage in over 50 languages using proprietary machine analysis knowledge algorithms and ?

USG Content Filter integrates with Blue Coat malware feeds and other third party ratings for Web threats, phishing, scamware and content ratings

Accuracy and Relevance

For new customers the USG Content Filter quickly learns user habits with real-time feedback for relevance – in new ratings

USG Content Filter analyses content, within image searches, cached content, and translation services for accurate ratings and compliance with its real-time rating service

USG Content Filter provides reputation ratings so policy controls can opt for inline threat analysis, or blocking downloads such as drive-by installers and executables from these sites

Effectiveness and Security

Downloads and patch cycles are no longer required as Web gateways and remote clients are cloud connected for immediate protection with rating updates
Leading edge Web 2.0 is defended by uniting edge Web 2.0 defense by uniting URL filtering with threat analysis in a cloud architecture to rapidly find hidden malware downloads, fake software updates, scamware and phishing attacks

Reporting and Visibility

The dashboard provides a quick view of real-time status of the security threat at your fingertips. And there is a daily report automatically sent to IT executives that help to keep tracing the trend of security threat.

With the Vantage Report it is easier to centralise the management of the security threat across multiple locations and devices from a single console. The comprehensive reports allow you to analyse the Internet access behaviour and find any potential risks in your network. Also the logs archiving and searching functions can help you to achieve the regulatory compliance.

When you combine ZyXEL’s USG Content Filter and Vantage Report it creates an unmatched enterprise-class filtering solution for small and medium businesses.

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